Milk Alerts


Date Manufacturer / Supplier Product
12/04/17Interlink Direct LtdWhite Rabbit Creamy Candy
05/04/17Krunchi FoodsVarious Krunchi Products
31/03/17ThorntonsDark Chocolate Easter Egg with a Personalised Iced Message
14/03/17TescoOriental Kitchen Chicken Chow Mein
13/03/17Best FreshSandwiches (Various)
06/03/17Zipvit LtdZV Whey Protein 80
24/02/17WaitroseFrozen 2 Breaded Haddock Fillets
17/02/17PoundstretcherChocolate Crème Oreo 176g
06/02/17Flynn's Fine FoodsLimerick Cooked Ham
31/01/17ASDALittle Dish Pasta Bolognese
30/01/17Co-opSouthern Fried Chicken Wrap
23/01/17B&MMini Cream 10 Pack Biscuits
13/01/17MorrisonsMarket Street Cupcakes (Various)
30/12/16by Sainsbury’s Ready Salted Crisps
29/12/16Lenny and Larry’s IncComplete Cookie Chocolate Chip
08/12/16Boost and BoomVarious Bars
05/12/16ASDAButcher’s Selection Thin Cut Steaks
05/12/16ASDAMain for 2 Vegetable Balti
17/11/16AldiChinese Chicken Curry with Egg Fried Rice
07/10/16ASDATiger Sausage Rolls
30/08/16ASDAEgg Salad Sandwich
01/08/16LidlMilbona Fruit Yoghurt
25/07/16ASDA2 Syrup Sponge Puddings
07/07/16Frozen Value LtdGut & Gunstig Rocket Ice Lollies
28/06/16IKEAChoklad Mörk (Various)
02/06/163D TradingVarious Cheetos Products
31/05/163D TradingCheetos Cheddar Jalapeno Crunchy Cheese Flavoured Snacks
31/05/16MorrisonsMorrisons 4 Salmon Skewers Marinated in a BBQ Dressing
26/05/16Kellogg'sSpecial K Biscuit Moments Cioccolato
23/05/16Coffee#1Hazelnut & Praline Brownies
16/05/16LidlVarious Products
01/05/16ASDACelery, Nut and Sultana Salad
29/04/16Nixe Herring Fillets Various Products
25/04/16Sara International LtdMultiple Halwani Bros and Abido brand products
25/04/16GincoChocolate Coated Honeycomb 100g
20/04/16SparBruschetta ai Pomodiri Secchi
18/04/16Lidl‘Green Grocer’s’ brand Mixed Vegetables (Various)
15/04/16Northern Foods Plus Limited'Jackpot Mix' Brand - Mix of Pretzels, Sticks and Salted Biscuits
08/04/16Jacobsens Bakery Ltd Disney Favourites Cookies
01/04/16Manning ImpexLeslie's Clover Chips, barbecue flavour corn snack
26/03/16Fatherson BakeryEaster Butterfly Cakes
16/03/16Jacobsens Bakery LtdDisney Favourites Chocolate Chip Cookies
07/03/16Jacobsens Bakery Ltd Disney Chocolate Chip Cookies
03/03/16SSP Gold Ltd SSP Performance Golf Energy Bar Superberry
26/02/16DelicontinentalSwiss Rolls (Various Flavoured Fillings)
19/02/16The Nut House Ltd'Tasty Bake' brand cakes
05/02/16Asco Foods LtdLeslie's Clover Chips, barbecue flavour corn snack
05/02/16Wiper and TrueCitrus and Sevens bottled IPA beer
21/01/16Sainsbury'sJust Cook Chicken Breasts with Piri Piri sauce
18/01/16Scottish Larder and Castle Confectionery Various products
08/01/16Poundland LtdAfter Dinner Mints, Mint Cream Centre Dark Chocolates
16/12/15ASDAChip Shop Curry Sauce Mix
16/12/15Grannies ChoiceChocolate Teacakes
16/12/15Manning Impex LtdV Fresh Coconut Milk Drink
15/12/15Orthodox Coconut Palm BrandCoconut Juice 245ml
30/11/15Glasgow Sandwich Company (AAA Foods)Various Glasgow Sandwich Company's Sandwiches
06/07/15JJ Support LimitedE. Wedel Supreme Jaffa Orange Cakes
06/07/15Quorn FoodsFrozen Quorn Chef’s Selection Meat Free Beef Steaks
03/07/15United BiscuitsMcVitie’s Toasting Waffles
02/07/15Nisha Enterprises LtdNisha’s Toffee Bonbons
22/05/15Lidl UKXXL Tortelloni with Spinach and Ricotta 300g
27/04/15Lidl UKKing Frais Dessert with Cream 4 x 115g
21/04/15Lidl UKEmotionali Toffee Selektion 600g
15/04/15The Co-operativeLoved by Us Tandoori Chicken Slices
07/04/15Hotel ChocolatMilk Free Milk - Various Products
27/02/15Co-opThe Co-operative Loved by Us 4 Breaded Cod Fillets (frozen)
19/02/15Truly Madly HealthyVarious Products
27/01/15AsdaAsda Sundried Tomato Cous Cous 310g