Consensus Statement

The Whole-School Allergy Awareness & Management Collaboration are the leading experts in allergy and health education providing advice and information to schools in the UK.

Our aim

Support schools in carrying out their statutory duties, in order to safeguard pupils at school who have allergic medical conditions which may be life-threatening.

Our vision

Every school will have its own School Allergy Action Group, made up of key school staff, pupils and parents. This group will develop specific whole school policy and practices to ensure the safety of all pupils with allergic conditions and support them with the management of their medication so that they can engage fully in daily school activities.

The Whole-School Allergy Awareness & Management Collaboration will support schools in this by:

  • Increasing education and awareness of allergy throughout the whole school environment.
  • Implementing European guidelines for allergy management as advised by EAACI (European Academy for Allergy and Clinical Immunology).
  • Highlighting the need for prompt access to life-saving treatment i.e. adrenaline and salbutamol.
  • Providing practical allergy information and support tools for schools to access, via the website.
  • Working toward a ‘tool kit’ for schools, using systematic implementation strategies for effective practical allergy action management.
  • Facilitating the formation of school policy and procedure to support pupils at school with the medical condition of allergy.
  • Including preventative and emergency measures so that staff can recognise symptoms of allergic reactions and act quickly when a problem occurs.
  • Highlighting the need for allergy awareness to be applied to cooking and handling of food anywhere in the school.

The schools website is hosted by Allergy UK on behalf of the Whole-School Allergy Awareness & Management Collaboration

Our collaboration is to enable access to accurate information and expertise and individual collaborators do not necessarily endorse all website content.

The Whole-School Allergy Awareness & Management Collaborators are:

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American Peanut Council
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