About The Project

The European Academy of Allergy & Clinical Immunology (EAACI) guidelines for schools emphasise development of age-specific, whole school, allergy-aware management policies- simply banning food allergens is not a risk-free solution. Additionally there are new DfEs managing medicines guidance and legislation for food labelling now in force for school catering. Correct understanding and interpretation of all these guidelines is essential.

Translating guidance into practice

New recommendations for allergy in schools means action is needed now! Adopting clinical guidelines for food allergy management in schools and implementing policy effectively, requires:

  • whole-school awareness
  • practical action management

Through this multiagency project, we are working with schools to transform these authoritative recommendations into a user friendly format that schools can instantly access and utilise. We recognise that adopting new allergy policy guidelines is not a simple process and may seem impossible at first- that’s why these website pages are so crucial - we will share practical tips and much more so all schools can benefit from the progress made as our case study schools work through each and every aspect of the guidelines.

This live learning channel is designed initially to support secondary schools, recognising their critical role in supporting pupils with allergies to better prepare for independent life once they leave school. Over time we will add more resources for other age groups.

Experts from the allergy, education and health education fields are collaborating to provide this much needed practical support for schools.

To hear our experts presenting at our schools allergy workshop, click here

How prepared are you?

Try our quick self- audit - this is a quick self-check to start to explore how effective your current school policy is. It is designed for your own reflection and is totally anonymous.

Once you’ve completed this self audit and you want to learn more about becoming a case study school, or have any specific questions for our experts then get in touch


Coming later in 2016: Our longer term goal is to develop a free downloadable Toolkit for Schools –From experiences gained through working with our case study schools, a template schema with training materials will be produced for developing effective school allergy policy.