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Living with a Child with Allergies

The process of having a child diagnosed with allergy can be a frustrating and worrying one, as parents try to help their child cope with symptoms at the same time as trying to understand what is causing them.

Receiving a diagnosis of allergy can give children and parents a sense of relief, to finally know what is causing the symptoms, and can provide hope that those symptoms can be controlled. Remember that most children are naturally predisposed to developing allergies; allergies are not caused by something their parents might have done.

Adapting to a new lifestyle, or incorporating treatments into the daily routine, can be difficult for both parents, their child and other family members. Over time, the treatments and routines that are needed will become second nature and part of every day life. There is usually a period of adjustment, while doctors and patients learn which treatments work most effectively, and how best to avoid the symptoms occurring in the first place.

Whether a child has just been diagnosed with an allergy, or whether they have been working to control the allergy symptoms for months or even years, managing an allergy is an ongoing endeavour. It can take time to find which treatments work, and remember that many allergies change over time, as children grow.

It can be difficult to accept that, even with the best allergy treatments, allergies can flare for no apparent reason. Adjusting to this unpredictable nature of allergy can take time, during which parents can feel out of control and struggle to see the potential benefits of treatments. However, remember that this will improve given time. There are plenty of sources of support, and parents and children should be encouraged to seek further help and advice if allergy control is difficult to maintain.


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