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Essential Points

Having an allergy does mean that extra care needs to be taken but, it does not mean that your child has to miss out on their childhood. With extra care and planning a child with an allergy can have a full and fun childhood. Here are the key points which should be followed at all times to allow your child to be safe and grow with confidence:

  • Teach your child about triggers and what they look like, if they have a food allergy ensure they are aware of what they are allergic to and they know to avoid eating this at all times.
  • Keep your medication bag in the same place so everyone knows exactly where it is and get into the habit of taking it with you whenever you leave the house
  • Teach your child who to go to if they feel unwell, and provide contact numbers for them if they are old enough
  • Support your child if they are having problems and seek further input
  • Praise your child for coping with their allergies. (It is easy to accept symptoms and forget they are difficult to cope with everyday)
  • Notify everyone who may care for your child what they are allergic to and what to do in the event of an allergic reaction
  • Have extra supplies of allowed foods when you go out, in case you are longer than you anticipate.
  • Give clear instructions and written information to anyone caring for your child, such as nurseries and schools
  • Ask for information, regarding a young child, to be written down in a message book if, for example, they have had allergy symptoms and someone else is collecting them
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