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Allergy Friendly Product FAQs

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What is the Allergy Friendly Product award?

Allergy UK's Allergy Friendly Product award provides members of the public, with guidance when purchasing 'allergy friendly' products. Allergy UK has a very high public profile and the media are extremely supportive of its efforts to assist allergy sufferers. The Allergy Friendly Product award is a commercial arrangement between Allergy Research Limited (the trading company of our charity "The British Allergy Foundation" with the operational name of "Allergy UK") and your company.

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What are the benefits of having the Allergy Friendly Product logo?

The logo is instantly recognisable and gives a clear indication that the product has received the award which has been shown to benefit allergy sufferers.

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Can I use the Allergy Friendly Product logo on marketing material?

Yes, once your product is under licence you will be entitled to use the Allergy Friendly Product logo on your product packaging, marketing materials and all media activities.

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Do you help in marketing our product?

Yes, we market your product by adding your product to our products and services listings, available both on our website and a paper listing sent out to all our enquirers. The product remains on these listings all the time it's under licence with us. Your products will also be individually promoted on our e-newsletter being sent out to over 12,000 allergy sufferers.

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How do I apply?

A completed application form is required to start the process and this can be obtained from the commercial team. Submit this along with 10 samples of the product (each variant) and a list of ingredients content including MSDS sheets (if applicable). A terms of reviewing agreement and invoice will then be issued, which should be signed and returned, together with full payment before we are in a position to commence the review.

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How long does the application process take?

The application will take approximately four to six weeks from confirmed commencement of review.

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What happens after the review?

At the end of this time you will receive a copy of the report with the recommendation on whether the Allergy Friendly Product award can be given. If the product has been successful, a licence agreement will be issued for your signature, followed by a certificate of the award.

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How much does it cost?

There is a standard cost of £2,000.00 + VAT, please contact our commercial team for a quotation.

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How do we pay?

You can either pay by cheque or bank transfer (BACS) prior to the assessment.

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Can we use our own in house team for assessment?

No, the assessment will be organised by Allergy UK and conducted by a panel of people experienced in allergy, a relevant allergy specialist based on the product information submitted and the product samples trialled.

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Is the Allergy Friendly Product award valid for the lifetime of the product?

Yes, provided your product has not been changed in any way, the licence is annually renewable at a cost.

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What if I improve my product during the year?

If the change is aesthetic (e.g. a change in the packaging) that's ok, but we ask you to keep us informed of such changes. If you have changed the formulation/performance/structure, then the product will have to be reassessed, which may be subject to a fee.

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For more details contact Leigh George - leigh@allergyuk.org