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Support Contact Network

Allergy UK has a nationwide network of support contacts available to offer advice and support to fellow sufferers.

Our support contacts are a dedicated group of people, who suffer with allergy or are carers of those that do. They are not medically qualified but give up their free time to help and advise others in coming to terms with the difficulties they face.

Every allergy sufferer knows that having allergies can be a very frightening, and at times, lonely experience especially when you or your child has just been diagnosed. To be able to pick up the telephone and speak with someone who can not only empathise, but can also give you their own practical tips on managing the condition on an everyday basis can make an enormous difference.

Often it is just nice to know that you aren’t alone and that others are experiencing the same problems as you. The contacts themselves will not give medical advice, but they are at the end of the phone able to offer sympathetic and practical help and support.

For more information on your local support contacts call our helpline on 01322 619898.

Our work is only possible through the support we receive from you. Help us to continue to help other allergy sufferers.