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NHS Allergy Services

Provision of allergy services across the UK is highly variable. There are several allergy clinics run by accredited allergy consultants that are classed as centres of excellence. These clinics offer a fully comprehensive range of allergy services and are equipped to deal with the most complex cases.

In some parts of the UK, services may be limited. In these cases, you may be referred to other specialists who have an interest in allergy, such as:

  • Immunologists
  • Ear nose and throat specialists
  • Dermatologists
  • Respiratory specialists
  • Gastroenterologists
  • Paediatricians

Allergy can be a complex condition. Part of your ongoing treatment will often require that you are then managed by a dedicated team of people including:

  • Allergy nurses
  • Dieticians

A good allergy management plan is vital for all allergic conditions, and these people will help provide you with the tools to best manage your allergy.

The Allergy UK Helpline 01322 619898 can provide you with details of the nearest NHS clinic in your area. 


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