Allergy Protocols

We have made available these child allergy and anaphylaxis protocols which can be used by anyone caring for a child who may be at risk of allergic symptoms or anaphylaxis.

A specific protocol is required for each child to ensure that everyone caring for the child is aware of their allergies, symptoms and to help promote better understanding of the child's needs and medical requirements. This should help to allow for better management of symptoms and recognition of how to deal with emergency situations if they arise. It should also allow for effective communication between the parents, child carers and medical professionals which should help both the allergic child and anyone involved in their care.

Regular updates of this document should be made (it is recommended that this document is read by those caring for the child between 3-6 monthly periods to ensure familiarity and up-to-date appropriate care). An annual review is recommended (unless changes need to be made as suggested by the treating doctor before this date).

The information below is given for guidance purposes only and should be used as an example to help with the drawing up of an individual named protocol, in conjunction with the clinical judgement of the patient's GP or consultant, the parents, the childminder/ nursery/playschool carer who is looking after that child.

Allergy Protocols for schools and child carers are available here.


Last updated: August 2012