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Awareness Weeks

Allergy UK runs a series of annual awareness weeks to draw attention to the plight of the allergy sufferer. These weeks highlight the issues faced by those with allergies, and are designed to get people talking about allergy at key times throughout the year.

During awareness weeks, Allergy UK encourages everyone to get involved to show their support! Fundraising events take place throughout the weeks. Through Allergy UK’s helpline 01322 619898 and website, people are able to receive individual advice and download fact sheets on all aspects of allergy.


Allergy Awareness Week 2017

24th April - 30th April

More information to follow.


Allergy Awareness Week 2016

25th April - 1st May

Allergy UK will be hosting lots of different activities this year, coinciding with our 25th Anniversary!

Read our news story on the misconceptions around allergy. The campaign this year also focuses on what it’s like having an allergy in 2016.

We have conducted a survey to see why attitudes towards those who live with allergy haven’t changed over the last 25 years, even though we’ve come a long way in educating people about allergic conditions.

Each day of the week will focus on a particular allergic condition, meaning we will be covering the topic of allergy as a whole. Keep an eye out on our social media pages and the website every day during the week to see more details on the topic we’ll be discussing, and the activities surrounding it.

The order of topics discussed in the week is as follows:

Monday - Misconceptions of Allergy

Tuesday - Hay Fever and Asthma

Wednesday - Skin Conditions

Thursday - Food Allergy

Friday - Fundraising

We have also published a new video for Allergy Awareness Week. Watch it here and learn about the stories of Kamesh, Pat and Josh, who all suffer from different types of allergy. They discuss the misconceptions that they commonly face throughout their lives.