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Audio and Video Clips

Allergy UK has been featured across a variety of broadcast media. To view or listen to recent interviews please click on the links below :


Maureen Jenkins on Inside Out

Allergy UK talk to Inside Out about the lack of allergy services in the UK

Allergy UK teamed up with Inside Out West Midlands to provide case studies and experts that could talk about how the lack of allergy services in the UK is effecting those living with allergies.

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Loose Women

Allergy UK talk hay fever on Loose Women

Allergy UK's Deputy CEO, Lindsey McManus, talks to the Loose Women ladies about the impact of hay fever and what can be done to help symptoms.

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Sky News

Allergy UK talk hay fever on Sky News

Our Deputy CEO, Lindsey, talks to Sky News about the hay fever epidemic and what this means for sufferer's. Plus lots of useful tips and advice on how to ease symptoms.

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This Morning

Allergy Awareness Week 2014 - This Morning

Allergy UK's new statistics about the misuse of hay fever medication brought the subject up for discussion on This Morning.

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Allergy Awareness Week 2014 - ITV News

Our expert Maureen Jenkins, appeared on ITV News to discuss our recent findings about the misuse of hay fever medication and what sufferers could be doing to improve their symptoms. Thank you to Deepika and her children for being a case study to raise awareness of what it's like to live with allergy.

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Maureen Jenkins on Rip Off Britain

Rip Off Britain

BBC's Rip Off Britain investigate the challenges faced by allergy sufferer due to hidden ingredients in food such as sulphites. Our expert Maureen Jenkins, explains why additives such as these could cause problems for sufferers.

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Addenbrookes Study - BBC Breakfast

Addenbrookes Peanut Study

A new peanut allergy study performed by Addenbrookes Hospital has revealed that immunotherapy could potentially benefit those who suffer with peanut allergy. 

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Lindsey Sky News

 Hay Fever can Hit at middle age

Our expert and Deputy CEO, Lindsey McManus, explains why the warm weather is triggering hay fever symptoms, how you can help relieve your symptoms and talks about how you can develop allergic conditions at middle age as well as from birth.

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hay fever clip

Caught off the Hop by Hay Fever

Hay fever sufferers Bree and her son Theo, explain how hay fever impacts their everyday lives. Allergy UK Deputy CEO, Lindsey McManus explains why hay fever sufferers might be caught off guard due to the unusual weather this year.

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Allergy Awareness Week - Nurse Appeal Launch

Allergy UK Deputy CEO, Lindsey McManus and Dr Rob Hicks talk to Bolton FM to discuss the prevalence of allergy in the UK and how Allergy UK’s Nurses Appeal aims to improve allergy services for allergy sufferers.

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New Research on Eating Nuts in Pregnancy

A new study found eating nuts in pregnancy can decrease the chances of childhood asthma. Deputy CEO, Lindsey McManus joins BBC Breakfast presenters on the sofa to discuss current allergy advice for pregnant women.

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 Lindsey McManus BBC Breakfast

High Pollen Counts and Hay Fever

Deputy CEO, Lindsey McManus appears on BBC Breakfast News. Allergy UK reports that the cold winter followed by a wet spring has meant a great deal of plants come into flower later than usual and that pollen levels are set to rise.

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Food Allergy & Intolerance Week – Severe Food Allergies

ITV Daybreak with Dr Hilary Jones meets the Stoneham family whose life revolves around protecting their children from food that could put them in hospital

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The Health Show, Marlow FM – Exams and hay fever

Allergy UK’s Deputy CEO, Lindsey McManus talks to Marlow FM about the impact of hay fever on children when sitting exams and how to prepare for the hay fever season Listen here

Maureen jenkins

BBC Breakfast News - Indoor Allergies

Allergy UK research revealed that around 12 million people were allergic to their own homes. Allergy UK's Maureen Jenkins spoke to BBC Breakfast News about the rise of indoor allergies and the house dust mite invasion.

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 Lindsey McManus

Hay Fever and the Impact on Child Health

Lindsey McManus joined Dr Hilary as part of the Daybreak Allergy Clinic. Focusing on hay fever, the feature revealed how the impact of this common allergy is often underestimated. Diane King and her daughter Evianne explain how hay fever has affected Evianne and her school work.

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