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Allergy Reports

The following are a list of reports that have been produced on various aspects of allergy, all of which are free to download.

The Impact of Hayfever Part 1 Report


An report into the impact allergic rhinitis (hayfever) has on sufferers' lives.

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The Impact of Hayfever Part 2 Report


An report into the effectiveness of an allergy barrier balm in tackling allergic rhinitis symptoms.

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Living in Fear Report


An report into severe allergy and anaphylaxis; raising awareness of the condition and its impact on sufferers' lives

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One Airway One Disease Report

One Airway One Disease Report front page

An expert report into the true impact of Hay Fever and Asthma

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It's time to ACT on cows' milk allergy

ACT on CMA report

A report which highlighted that parents and doctors may be missing the signs when it comes to recognising cows' milk allergy (CMA)

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Allergy - Fighting Back

Dairy Intolerance Report

This report 'Allergy - Fighting Back' looks at the key issues that, over the years, have been highlighted by sufferers.  It explores whether services are improving for them, and what the allergy sufferer wants from the health services in the future.

It is not unreasonable to expect that a disease affecting almost half of the population to be taken seriously and recognised as the public health issue that it has become.

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The Disturbing Impact of Skin Allergy & Sensitivity in the UK

Dairy Intolerance Report

In the UK, skin problems are the most common reason for GP consultations.  The incidence of allergic diseases has trebled in the last 20 years and is predicted to affect half the population by 2015.  In March 2013, a survey was conducted by Allergy UK in order to discover the impact of skin allergy and sensitivity on sufferers.

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Dairy Intolerance - The Trend Towards Self-Diagnosis

Dairy Intolerance Report 

Allergy UK has found that thousands of people could be at risk of nutritional deficiency by diagnosing themselves as dairy intolerant. This report investigates how people are diagnosing their condition, where they seek advice on their symptoms and how they have changed their diet. It has highlighted the need for credible information and guidance from qualified health professionals for food intolerance.

Work Fever

Work Fever Report 

Allergy UK has widely publicised advice on dealing with indoor allergies. But what happens when we go to work? We have little control over our working environment, so what affect is this having on our health?

Allergy UK estimates that at least 5.7 million people could be allergic to their work place and this report examines why people are suffering, how they are suffering and what can be done to prevent this figure from rising.


National Allergy Week 2012 - Oral Allergy Syndrome

NAW Report 

The impact of hay fever  on everyday life is often unreported and understated. Hay fever sufferers are more likely to react to foods such as nuts and fruit due to another allergic condition, oral allergy syndrome. In this report, we highlight the impact of the rise in such allergic conditions, as well as the most common allergens which are causing misery for the nation.  


Indoor Allergy Week 2011 - The Rise of 'Home Fever'

This report centres on the prevalence of indoor allergies, conditions which, we as a charity have seen rise greatly in a short space of time. An out of season hay fever, dubbed as 'home fever', (Perennial Allergic Rhinitis) by Allergy UK is on the increase. The home is a sanctuary, somewhere we can escape to, but for so many it is actually the trigger of an allergy.This report outlines the results of an Allergy UK survey.

The Missing Link Report - supported by Dettol

Allergy UK warn hay fever sufferers that they are being unnecessarily put at risk of developing asthma in this latest report.

Indoor Allergy Report

We hope this report will highlight to sufferers that they also need to consider the allergens that their homes are harbouring and understand the key hotspots to look out for to reduce them, promoting the importance of good allergen management within the home.


Stolen Lives 6 - The Impact of Allergic Rhinitis on People's Lives

Allergy UK has the results from the survey produced in the latest of the 'Stolen Lives' series supported by Sterimar that clearly show that many of the long held beliefs on hayfever are no longer proving to be the case. Hayfever has generally been regarded as starting in childhood, yet almost half of the respondents developed their symptoms as adults.